Here's a look at our design, influence and branding behind Natasha I Gillett Photography. 

My love for Pantone's Pale Dogwood shade and Wes Anderson hugely influences my personal style and design, from home to work. I'm lucky to have a very supportive husband who trusts my design judgement and lets me have creative reign for our home. He is a designer himself and works as a senior Architect designing world class hotels and resorts in the Asia Pacific region. So having his trust means a lot especially when I painted our house pastel shades of mint and of course pale dogwood pink and when I custom ordered all our furniture to be made out of pale blush velvet to buying vintage wicker furniture and covering our house in palms. 

 When it came to designing and branding my own business, from the very beginning it was an obvious choice. I designed my logo 5 years ago and always knew it was the perfect representation of my business. With our recent move to Thailand, I refreshed it by adding the square logo with the help of my husband.                  

Pictured here is the front and back of our wedding brochure,  panoramic album with a photo cover,  business card and flash drives. 

Our brochures are printed with soy ink on recycled paper ,which gives it a slightly faded, high quality appeal. Our beautiful handcrafted panoramic album is one of the options available as an-add of the photography packages. 

I designed our flash drives to match with our MOO cards - which on one side feature the Pantone Dogwood shade and our logo in gold foil, and on the other - white background with text  in gold foil. 

Our stunning flash drives were created by USB Memory Direct, a company based in the USA that specializes in custom drives. I chose their SWM design in pink with a gold metal swivel cap engraved in white. 

If you've chosen to include a flash drive with your photography package, you will be receiving this gorgeous drive.  

Thank you to USB Memory Direct for our loveliest flash drives and sending us complimentary samples to use. 

Let us know your thoughts on our logo and color choice 



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