I had the pleasure of capturing this lovely Shanghai-based Thai- American family when they came back to Bangkok to visit their parents. Being an expat myself, I understand how important and sacred it is reuniting our children with their grandparents.  I absolutely adore this family and am so honored they choose me to capture their candid, natural moments in their garden in Bangkok. 

I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours at their home in Bangkok and photographing the children playing with each other and it was great having the grandparents be involved. For the first half of the photoshoot, everyone wore their casual clothes and we focused on capturing play and very candid, natural moments between the children and with their parents and grandparents. In the second half of the photoshoot, everyone changed outfits and this time into a little more dressy/formal wear and I photographed formal portraits of everyone together. 

Thank you T and R, your family is divine and I had the best time playing with your kids and capturing your family's precious moments. 



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