I’m so happy for this lovely couple from Arizona. On their first day in Bangkok, Carl surprised Veronica with a wedding proposal on the rooftop of Bangkok’s coveted Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel. Ideally situated in bustling Sathorn, the views from here are breathtaking.

It was quite a cloudy day, and there wasn’t any color in the sky; however, the positives are that the temperature was perfect and it was not raining. I always plan to be the first to arrive to prevent random people from blocking my best vantage point or the proposal spot. I got there before the doors opened and noticed Carl and Veronica arriving so I pretended to be a tourist with my camera and take photos of the surrounding cityscape. She walked straight past me without any notice.

At the Moonbar, the best vantage point and views are from their exclusive two-person glass viewing platform. This area is clear of tables, chairs, and other people, making it perfect for proposals. We had discussed the proposal plan in detail over Skype, and Carl was well prepared but naturally slightly nervous. Before sitting down at their table, he walked Veronica over to the proposal spot, and that was my cue to capture it all. Veronica had not noticed me photographing them, and when I introduced myself, she was so surprised by Carl’s loving plan. Veronica was in tears after the immediate adrenaline subsided, and by the way they looked at each other, you knew they were perfect for one another.

Thank you Carl and Veronica for choosing me to capture your engagement. I am honored to document one of your most important life milestones. May your children look back on your photographs and be inspired. 

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